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[2017/10/28 15:21:02]

 Notice from Kobe-shi
 According to the Kobe Local Meteorological Observatory, typhoon 22nd issue advances to the north with the speed of approximately 20 kilos in southeastern approximately 60 kilos of Naha-shi at 10:00 on 28th an hour.
 We considerably approach the South-West Islands with maintaining power over the early morning of 29th, and close, the east gradually changes course into typhoon, and it is expected that we advance to the east-northeast on Japanese Nankai while giving speed on 29th afterwards from now on.
 On Nankai of Shikoku, there is front, and it rains under this influence around South Kinki.
 It has a possibility of the evening from past the daytime of 29th to access Hyogo Prefecture most.
 If typhoon takes course from the north, please warn future weather information as influence of rain and wind may become strong.
 Let's warn in particular slope or tree which influence of the rain and Storm gale of typhoon 21 remains enough.

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Current Evacuation and weather information are here!